Are you ready for the big announcement?
Since I was a little girl, I have been always been very girly, loved bright colors and anything that sparkled. Often when I would play with my dolls, I would create a store for them to shop in. It was so fun for my dolls to go shopping and find things to host parties, a killer outfit or have the latest and coolest accessories.
Why Grow Up When You Don’t Have To!!
Having fun should never go out of style!!! And when make-believe can come alive, life just went from great to beyond incredible!!!! I am beyond excited to announce that Cavender & Co. is officially opening up an on-line store!! From party supplies such as plates, cups, napkins to travel mugs to back-to-school items, balloon packages and much, much more!!!  My store will have it all! As the days go by, I will be adding more exciting items to my store! I can’t wait to go to the “market” and find things that sparkle, glitter, and make you stand out in the crowd!
Who doesn’t like unique items?
From the sketching out the layout of the plan to finding one-of-kind items to make the party come alive, I live for parties! I am a firm believer that you should find happiness in everything you do! Like my hubby said when I launched my business “Time is so short, life goes by too fast…so make the most of it and celebrate life’s big moments at the highest level!!"
All that Glitters is my GOAL
At Cavender & Co. my goal is to make you smile when we create a party package for your event, you purchase one of our unique gifts from the on-line store or we throw some confetti your way.
I am so happy that you are following me on my journey of creating a party celebration! Your continued support means the world to me!